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Letter Openers


IM-16, Low Volume Letter Opener

An office friendly envelope opening device, the IM-16 letter opener maximizes productivity by distributing incoming mail faster throughout your organization. Operating at speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, opened mail is delivered faster. Opens various envelope types, saves time, leaves no waste and protects contents.

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Omation 2112, Mid Volume Letter Opener

Offering proven technology for mid-sized mail-opening jobs, the Opex Omation 2112 envelopener provides mailroom automation for incoming mail. Equipped with the same milling cutter technology as the higher speed Omation 306. Protect contents, eliminate paper cuts and minimize waste. Opens up to 400 envelopes per minute.

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Omation 306, Mid Volume Letter Opener

The Opex Omation 306 envelopener sets a new standard for high volume mail processing. The improved milling cutter with 8 cut-depth positions removes chips as small as 0.01″ from the envelope edge, producing a soft, feathered edge while protecting valuable envelope contents. Operates at up to 40,000 envelopes per hour.

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