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Folders and Inserters


DS-35, Low Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-35 folder inserter simplifies and automates a variety of low-volume folding and inserting office mailings. Any small office or department within a company can benefit from this solution. Compact design and quiet operation integrates easily with other office equipment. Fold, insert and seal your mail at the touch of a button.

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DS-63, Low Volume Folder Inserter

Equipped with an automatic job set-up wizard – load your documents and envelopes into the DS-63, and the system will program itself to process the job. Automate variable pages for document preparation, and avoid manual handling errors.The DS-63 will optimize your mail flow and contribute to significant cost savings.

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DS-65, Low Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-65 sets a new standard in mail processing. Fold, insert and seal in one seamless process. The user interface is designed for simplicity, making it easy for users in any department to run their jobs. Built in features and Output Management Software reliably control varied content.

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DS-75, Mid Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-75 envelope inserting system is the ideal productivity tool for any office or mailroom environment, thanks to its unique low level noise and compact footprint. Sophisticated process management features and options handle mixed content with ease. Easy to use with colour touch screen and simple job set up.

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DS-85, Mid Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-85 is a powerful folding inserting machine that can adapt to growing business needs. With its modular design, your investment is protected, and you can rest assured knowing that your DS-85 can support all types of mail folding applications. Quick, versatile and easy to use, with sophisticated process controls to manage content.

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DS-90, Mid Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-90 folder inserter is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Easy to use, with a 10.4” super bright colour touch screen and swappable feeders for continuous operation. Full page reading and scanning capabilities allow accurate content control and flexible use of document intelligence marks.

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DS-100, High Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-100 folding and inserting machine enables you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces. With a compact, ergonomic design that allows for greater operator efficiency and ease of use, the DS-100 delivers optimum speed – maximizing your productivity. Handling and processing mail has never been easier.

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DS-140, High Volume Folder Inserter

The DS-140 mail inserter enables you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces. Eliminate steps in your mail preparation process with a direct electronic interface. The DS-140 is touch-programmable to automatically adjust system setup for an unlimited number of jobs, substantially reducing your job-change setup time.

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DS-200, High Volume Folder Inserter

The new standard in production mail, the DS-200 is a robust folding and inserting system that can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of the widest range of mailing applications. The perfect complement for companies with high volume mail output that require flexibility to handle more complex applications.

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