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Envelope Address Printers


AS-710, Monochrome Address Printer

Versatile address, barcode and graphics printing solution. Overprint envelopes for effective and personalised communications. Make a huge impact with your mail and increase response rates with the AS-710 envelope addressing system. Manage direct marketing and communications in-house. Up to 14,000 envelopes per hour.Download AS-710 Brochure


AS-520C, Colour Address Printer

Boost response rates with personalised customer mailings and bring your marketing in-house with this full colour printing solution for envelopes, postcards and documents. Overprint 4,000 addresses an hour, and barcode printing for pre-sorting requirements. Ideal machine for offices and small mail operations, like real estate agents.Download AS-520C Brochure


AS-970C Mach 5, Colour Address Printer

The AS-970C Mach 5 allows mail centers, print shops and marketers of all sizes to take advantage of exceptional color printing fidelity and printing speed across a wider variety of envelopes, paper and label stocks. Turn any print job into a marketing powerhouse with full colour, full bleed printing. Print up to 7,500 DL envelopes per hour.Download AS-970C Mach 5 Brochure

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