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Dear Valued Customers,
Francotyp-Postalia Australia Pty Ltd (FPA) has been involved in the distribution of Francotyp-Postalia branded office equipment in Australia for over a decade. I am delighted to announce that Fold & Post has been chosen by FPA to take over and operate its business in Australia. As a result, FPA will be changing its name. Francotyp-Postalia branded office equipment will continue to be available in Australia from other vendors.
Fold & Post is part of an Australian business with extensive experience across a wide range of office equipment. Bernie Cash and Irma Iskandar, both employees of FPA, are joining Fold & Post.
FPA operated a system that is used to re-credit your postage meter with additional funds. Fold & Post will continue to operate that system.
The Fold & Post distributor network around Australia would appreciate the opportunity to continue to service your needs as they have in the past.
I will continue to be closely involved with Fold & Post for the foreseeable future and hope that together we can continue to support your office equipment needs for years to come.
Yours sincerely,
Gary Wynne
General Manager
Fold & Post

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